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$19.000 in revenue with a 4X ROAS on a 327% YoY increase in performance just in the first week of working together.
Outdoor Equipment
Utah, USA
$5MM+ in annual revenue

The Brand

20 years ago GrandTrunk was born. Not as an innovative eCommerce start-up, but as an outdoors brand that stands by it core values: high-quality & extremely durable outdoor gear for everybody.

The brand grew to the golden standard of quality, especially in the hammocking & camping niche.

GrandTrunk wanted to make hammocks not only cool at affordable prices, but it also wanted to make products that make sleeping in nature a comfortable experience.

GrandTrunk was majorly focused on its retail presence & has only been increasing its DTC focus in the recent years. Through it all, GrandTrunk stayed true to their north-star goal: exceptional quality. A simple Google search & you will find 1000s of customers worshipping their products & praising their quality and longevity. 

"We have natural demand spikes & decreases, we need to make sure to tap into those moments at the highest levels."

That's where VictoryMedia came in.

The Challenge

Although GrandTrunk's customers love their products, their lifetime value increase is not the greatest, because ultimately, you just need a certain amount of hammocks & the better the quality, the less hammocks you will need to buy in your life.

Therefore, GrandTrunk needs to acquire new customers profitably & that at scale.

However, GrandTrunk didn't have a proper attack plan on how to drive traffic profitably nor how to build a reliable & scaleable framework for their Facebook advertising.

Additionally, for new customer acquisition they are under enormous pricing pressure from Amazon & Co. People that have never been introduced to the brand previously are more likely to buy a cheaper option at Amazon than go with GrandTrunk.

"Our concentration therefore was at not selling the hammocks, but experience for our prospecting campaign & then for our retargeting campaigns sell the features & compare our hammocks to our competitor's by sharing cold facts" said account manager Victor Adolph.

By laying out & focusing on a holistic Facebook marketing strategy that focused on the different points in the consumer journey & talking differently to prospect in a different points of their buyer phase, VictoryMedia drove more qualified traffic.

The Solution

Grand Trunk hired VictoryMedia in the fourth quarter to properly profit from the huge sales days around the end of November & December like BFCM and the general Christmas/ holiday shopping.

This usually already is a high-sales period for them, so honestly, we were setup for success, the question however was: "How can we make this the best year ever for them?"

We literally onboarded about 10 days before BFCM, therefore, there was  not much time to properly prepare nor launch any campaigns beforehand to gather some learnings. Due to that we took an extra effort to properly analyse their past advertising performance & structure out an attack plan that would yield great returns throughout BFCM.

When analysing their account, our team noticed that there was no structure within their ad account nor campaigns. Everything was launched without any proper plan & even the things that were setup to be a test, didn't even have the same ad settings which meant that any performance & results from those test was not reliable.

We therefore started out with a creative sandbox campaign to quickly test some new ad creative and see which creative format & messaging angel performs best for their brand. We did this right before BFCM without much return unfortunately. However, we gathered learnings in this phase & built new audiences we could tap into during the high sales period of BFCM & the first weeks of December.

We implemented those learnings and focused on our efforts on a streamlined retargeting strategy that also gave us the option to scale by increasing our remarketing window. We had different remarketing windows that we focused on: 

  • Their lag time engagement (The time window 90% of traffic converts in after they have first visited the page, found in Google Analytics)
  • 30 days website visitors
  • 180 days website visitors

Those were the major remarketing windows we focused on and we mainly ran comparison ads that were highlighting the features of GrandTrunk best-selling products.

The Results

With this strategy we were able to spend around $1.000 in those couple of days which usually is about 60% of GrandTrunk's monthly budget. We spent this with a 4X ROAS throughout those days which is a 35% increase in performance compared to the ROAS of their BFCM campaigns in 2020. Although iOS14.5 hit in the mean time which generally saying decreases the attributable ROAS by 30%.

However, apart from that they were able to increase their total bottom-line profit by increasing their MER (Marketing-Efficiency-Ratio). So simultaneously to increasing their revenues, we also were able to decrease their advertising spent which gave them a better overall return.

After that we are now able to re-gather our efforts & scale into that already successful cornerstone built.


In Attributable Facebook ROAS


YoY Increase in Facebook ROAS


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