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VictoryMedia is a boutique Facebook marketing agency that exclusively works with eCommerce business to optimise & scale their Facebook Ads. We help eCommerce businesses to bring their business to the next level.

We know that behind every ambitious brand, there is an ambitious entrepreneur. An entrepreneur with a dream. We are here to fulfil this dream.

So if you are an eCommerce brand making between $150K-$10MM in annual revenue & you want to start growing your business with Facebook Ads profitably... then welcome, you are in the right place.

We exclusively work with eCommerce business in that range & only for their Facebook Ads to make sure our clients are set up for success, can tap into expert knowledge in the space & form part of the never-ending new cycles of paid social marketing. How we do it?


Campaign Layout & Creative Strategy

When we onboard you, we analyse your past performance. Not only Facebook Ads, but general performance to identify a drop-off. As soon as the problem is identified, we lay out a strategy how to overcome that issue.

Creative Design & Optimisation

As soon as we have our strategy laid out, our problem identified & our goals established, we have full team of graphic designer waiting for you. This team then takes your native brand assets & edits them to be set up for success in the paid social world & with the consumer behaviour on platform in mind.

Campaign Launch & Scale

Goals are established, creatives are ready, let's get started! We are completely in charge of your ad account & its performance. We work independently, to launch test, verify hypothesis & ultimately scale your best-performing marketing efforts to grow your business.

Our team of Facebook growth marketing efforts will help you & take charge of your ad account.

It starts with our fundamental analysis where we dig deep, not only into your ad account's performance, but also take your website performance into considering as well as evaluate your margin structure to determine your best possible option for your Facebook advertising campaigns.

We don't do anything half-baked. That's the reason why there are no add-ons you can book or any other platforms we manage. We do one thing, but you can trust us when we say that this thing we do pretty f**king good.

As soon as we take on your account, we see it as our own one, we see it as if we just had partnered with your business & have a deep sense of ownership in the success of your brand & acceleration of your growth.

That's the reason why we don't only manage your campaigns or try to optimise your number. Neither only are in charge of creating & optimising your ad creative. We are in charge of the success of your ad account. If your ad account tanks, we have nobody else but us to point the finger towards.

This is what makes VictoryMedia so unique. Not the deep eCommerce knowledge each of our team members has, also not the thorough understanding of every inch of Facebook's advertising platform, nor the creativity, but the mindset of responsibility in regards to the success of your paid social growth.

That is what makes VictoryMedia different to all the other agencies out there. Want to know more things that differentiate us to the rest of the industry? Here you go...


The Competition

Based on in-field eCommerce growth knowledge
Complete responsibility of the success of your ad account
Thorough analysis of your holistic growth efforts
Creative lay out & responsibility to figure out a profitable creative strategy
Unlimited revisions for your creatives & team of graphic designers to improve your creative performance
Usually come from the marketing side only & lack the understanding of proper growth
Tend to make other things responsible for the missing performance of the ad account
Only focus on the ad account & are component-thinkers
Mostly are not in charge of the ad creative & only focus on the numbers and campaigns
Don't even have a creative team, if there is some creative help then those are usually loose tips or some Canva edits

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Get a free 30 minute marketing consultation with a Facebook growth expert


Get a free 30 minute marketing consultation with a Facebook growth expert